Best Exterior Polyurethanes 2020 – Reviews

A nice, thick coat of polyurethane is one of the best things you can do to improve the appearance and longevity of any wooden item. With one cheap and relatively easy step, you create a pleasing shine while also protecting the item from moisture. In this article, we will concentrate on exterior polyurethanes. These coatings … Read moreBest Exterior Polyurethanes 2020 – Reviews

Best Varnishes for Wood 2020 – Reviews


Wood varnish has been around since the heyday of the Egyptian Empire, but we’ve come a long way from those original mixtures, which basically consisted of tree sap and alcohol. Modern varnishes offer a mix of hardness, beauty, and ease of use. At this point, varnishing a surface is no more difficult than painting that … Read moreBest Varnishes for Wood 2020 – Reviews

Best Paints for Interior Wood Furniture 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

painting wood furniture

Wooden furniture is an important part of every room in your house. By repainting dresser or table you may drastically change the atmosphere. There are tons of colors you can choose from. But more importantly, there are many paints on the market and it’s crucial to choose the right one. Here I listed the best … Read moreBest Paints for Interior Wood Furniture 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide