Putting a dry sink in bathroom

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Denise asked 1 year ago


I have a dry sink cabinet I would like to put in the bathroom for storage of towels wash clothes , sheets. How do I protect it from the steam ? What do I use ?
Thank you so much
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William Stewart Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, Denise.
A lot depends on how steamy your bathroom gets, the type of wood, and the finish you seek.
However, I suggest you use satin or matte polyurethane. You can choose between oil-based and water-based, with oil-based taking longer to dry but lasting longer and costing less.
The water-based will dry very quickly. If the wood is light-colored and you wish to preserve the natural color, use water-based. If the wood is darker, or you don’t mind slightly darkening the natural wood color, use oil-based.

Here are two options:
Water Based – https://geni.us/ebN6T
Oil Based – https://geni.us/JKoDbR1