Polishing Resin

Scott asked 4 months ago

I’m working on a wood slab table that I’m making from a piece of Oak that was very warped and cracked. I’ve planned the piece and added bowties in places but I’d like to fill the largest cracks with resin so stuff doesn’t end up getting stuck. Once the resin sets up it’s going to get sanded down with the rest of the top. I’m wondering if you have a specific recommendation on a polish I can use to restore the shine to the resin after sanding? I’m thinking that I can sand up to something like an 800 grit and then apply a good polish.

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William Stewart Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi, Scott.
You’re on the right track. However, I’d suggest using wet and dry sandpaper and starting wet sanding at 600-grit, continuing to 1500-grit. Then clean it up with a towel and a tack rag to be sure all the grit and debris are gone before using your polish or cutting compound. If you’re using a buffing wheel, keep it moving to avoid letting the resin get too hot and start to melt.