Oil/grease stain

Stefano Corcella asked 4 weeks ago

Hi there!
I just finished building my own kitchen. It has a white oak top that I finished with Osmo Polyx-Oil. It is amazing because is supposed not to go yellow over time. Bad surprise: I left a pot of coconut oil on the top for probably 3 hours. I didn’t realize it was greasy underneath. Now I have two round stains that do not come off. I realized that here and there there are other oil/grease stain.
I thought of sanding first, trying to get rid of the stain and refinish with another product.
Which would work best? I don’t wont to darken the wood too much and/or have it ambered. I don’t want to loose that natural feeling when touching the wood. I don’t want oil stains on it.
Hope you can answer my doubts.
Thank you for taking time to read my message.