New 1800 mm unfinished rough grain-lines

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Jerry asked 1 year ago

Beautiful wood grain (Asian oak?)  semi-smooth but several areas with 1-2 mm grooves as part of some of the grain.
Looks beaut but dry and hungry. No cracking thusfar.
We don’t need it real smooth and it would take a great deal of time/effort anyway. We want to just light sand, tack cloth and apply something to hold the moisture in and hold it out as well with use. Not wanting to darken any more than we have to. We are older folks and need the simplest way to seal and also protect from beverages and slight rough handling by grand kids etc
Thanking you in advance,

1 Answers
William Stewart Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Jerry,
You can apply this product by Rust-Oleum on your wood for the simplest way to protect your wood.