MDF carved outdoor arch

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Homagni Baptista asked 12 months ago

Hi there,
I really hope you can help with this project I’m working on. I haven’t done a lot of epoxy work and I know that there are so many products out there with different applications.
I have to find some way to make these carvings (made from MDF in Bali )
SOMEHOW weather resistant for outdoor use. I know that epoxy isn’t really ideal for outdoor use but I couldn’t think of another product.
Its going to be mounted on a piece of marine ply or PVC Trim board and hung up throughout the year… come rain , snow or sunshine. AHHHHH
As I explained to my friend, this is going to be tough to do and I can’t guarantee that it won’t look like crap after 1 year.
But, I suggested the idea of using some clear epoxy to try and at least give it a fighting chance.
She doesn’t want to embed it into a solid block of epoxy, but instead we need a coating to keep the ornate carving in tact.
So my questions to you are:

What the heck to use? What has a better UV or Hals rating.
How to apply it so I get a thorough coating  and it doesn’t become a dripping mess

Gratitude for taking the time to reply.
Happy to talk on the phone.


1 Answers
William Stewart Staff answered 11 months ago

Hello Homagni,

I recommend coating the carving with a generous amount of epoxy:
Apply a coat of UV-resistant urethane over an epoxy resin is one of the finest ways to protect it from UV light wear and tear and it will add another waterproof layer to your carving.
You can either spray or use a brush to apply urethane, if you are concerned about dripping use spray.
You can use these products: Epoxy and Urethane