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John hamer asked 2 weeks ago

i am trying to find some danish oil that will give me a gloss fish. We had a new kitchen three yrs ago with walnut worktop, it came with two tins of danish oil, it did not have a brand name. When it was applied it was like treacle, I applied three coats and after the third I just buffed it to a shine, this was so good, water resistant could wipe all marks off so we were very pleased.
Now we are refurbishing the worktop and have tried three danish oils, they all dry to a mat finish and mark very easily, can you recommend anything like the original please?

thanks John

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi, John.
That’s a tricky one. Most Danish Oils are satin by nature. A UK-manufactured Danish Oil is widely used due to its gloss, but I’m not sure whether it can be sourced in the US. It’s called Colron Refined Danish Oil. Link here:

Otherwise, why not mix up your own, it’s a pretty simple recipe, and you get to achieve the level of gloss you’re looking for. Try this website which offers some initial ratios to follow, which you can alter to manage the achieved gloss: