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Heather asked 2 years ago

What a nightmare this has been. It’s warping, cracking and pulling apart after only a year. I researched Eucalyptus and my research says it’s NOT a good outdoor table wood bc it cracks and doesn’t like the sun. It’s in a partially shaded area. Please help bc I am not getting a lot of good information on the internet. People talk about using teak oil and that hasn’t absorbed into the table and made a mess.
They just sent me another one so I want to get this right this time. From the 1st rain, I could see water penetrating the table in a problematic way. Tiny colonies of black mold quickly started growing. It has big planks of the wood and it’s my understanding that eucalyptus doesn’t grow in a way to be able to have planks? It is an expensive lazy boy table and they sent me another one so I wanted to get it right this time.

After the 1st rain and seeing problems I sealed it with boat sealer. Sikken’s with Cetrol to be more specific. I painted on one coat but didn’t help. Started covering every rain. 6 months later, we sanded and added 2 more coats of Sikken with air sprayer and it did nothing. The manufacturer’s instructions are to wipe off water and to clean with mild soap and water. It says if UV a protection needed add liquid wax. My research said the liquid wax wouldn’t help. This is the table and the car instructions are on the “product details” page in PDF.

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Heather.
Did you seal or stain the wood? I would recommend stain and seal for the best protection. You can use this product by SEAL-Once; it is water, mold, and decay-resistant and will provide UV protection.