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Kimberly A Maxson asked 1 year ago

Which epoxy do you recommend using for cut tree trunks?  I have a number of tree trunks that I would like to seal and use outside with my landscaping.  Ideally I would like to attach solar lighting or a dish/plate/bowl of plants to the top of each respective one.  I therefore need an epoxy that will prevent the wood from rotting and that will keep the bark on it and is waterproof since the trunks will be outside.  I can send pictures if needed.  Thank you.

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William Stewart Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Kimberly,
I would suggest a UV resistant epoxy like this one, It is crystal clear epoxy, durable and impact-resistant, will flow into seems, make a good seal, and primarily will make your trunk waterproof.
If you want a long-term solution, you can also add exterior varnish topcoats for very harsh conditions. Epoxy protects wood from moisture due to which wood doesn’t swell and shrink. This gives exterior varnish long life because it no longer has to stretch and shrink with the wood, varnish will protect your epoxy from UV rays and give it a longer life.
You can use varnish like this one by RTG.