Audrey asked 4 months ago

Good morning,
I have 20 year old oak floors with a low gloss polyurethane finish, which have some high traffic areas of significant  wear, with bare floor exposed in a few very focal spots within those high traffic area. Floors outside the high traffics spots are in good shape.  We have tried to protect those spots with are rugs because sanding and refinishing isn’t an option right now.  Would oil treatment be compatible for this problem? Treating exposed wood until we can refinish but not hurting the intact finished floor?

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William Stewart Staff answered 4 months ago

Good morning Audrey,

Applying a hard drying oil will nourish and protect the timber from cracking and possibly provide a more pleasing look. Come the day when you wish to polyurethane over those areas, the oil will not pose a problem for polyurethane adhesion.
Danish oil or tung oil are ideal candidates for your application. Links are here for your review and consideration:
Tung oil – https://geni.us/74m8
Danish oil – https://geni.us/HWfj

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