what is the best drying oils to be on wooden floors?

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Dominic Rago-Verdi asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am looking for a floor oil that penetrates the wood deeply to protect it from within and rejuvenate it (because it is very dry from being in a very dry room for a long time), bring out the grain of the hardwood-the shiny grain it is a tropical wood close to mahogany, (it is acacia). I need the oil to be matte, Clear (no tint) that brings out the natural red colour of the wood, water-resistant, mildew resistant, and UV resistant.
easy to clean so light mopping won’t damage it.  I know I’m asking for a lot!

I was initially interested in using tung oil for rehydrating/conditioning and restoring the wooden floor. until I found out that you have to re-sand each layer of oil you put on so you can put the new layer of oil into the wood.

I have Danish oil at home and I like the matte finish it gives. I was wondering what would be able to give me something close to that as well as all the other requirements.

I made a selection  from your  own list of ‘Best oils for wood’  of my preferences to give you an idea of what I am thinking:

1. wato teak oil      Pro- UV+water resistant,  Cons-it darkens with age
2. Osmo top oil.      Pro-  water-resistant and dirt res,  Cons-it darkens with age
3. Minwax tung oil   Pro- Vgood conditioning water and mildew resistant,  Cons- not UV resistant

Danish oil.            Cons- i don’t know the oil is used by the manufacturer and it contains varnish
I heard polymerised linseed oil is best

Yours Sincerely
Dominic Rago-Verdi

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Dominic.
As in life, everything is a compromise, but hearing your concerns, I think you’re on the money with Polymerized Linseed Oil.
This link is for a product that contains 100% polymerized linseed oil: https://geni.us/HWfj.
It will allow light mopping, actually hardens from exposure to UV, and while all oils will give timber a slightly darker ‘wet’ look, it shouldn’t obscure the color of the timber too much.