Using an antique china cabinet as a bathroom vanity

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Karen C. asked 1 month ago

Hello.  We want to refurbish an old china cabinet to use as a bathroom vanity.  The cabinet is pretty old and has an existing stain.  I am concerned about the moisture in the bathroom possibly damaging the wood cabinet.  Is it beneficial to apply a sealer over the existing finish before we put the cabinet in the bathroom?
I appreciate any guidance you can offer!

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William Stewart Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi, Karen.

Yes, I’d be sealing it. The stain will not prevent water ingress, only slow it. You can use a water-based matte polyurethane, as it dries rapidly, doesn’t smell as bad or as long as the oil-based product, and dries clear without adding a tint to the china cabinet. You can use oil-based polyurethane as a cheaper alternative, but invert all those features I’ve just mentioned. Slow drying, smells for a while and adds a light amber tint that slightly darkens and richens the underlying stain.