unfinished wood

Nadia Di Gregorio asked 8 months ago

I am writing to get some advice on what oil would be best for my situation. I am in the process of setting up a massage room in my home – a spa like vibe, and am working with a room that is completely all wood. The wood style is pretty unique and has two different tones. Both are unfinished. I am looking to bring the wood back to life and create a nice sheen. It’s fairly dry and hasn’t been taken care of in some time fom the looks of it. There are some mold marks here and there, since the wood wasn’t protected and would like something that can perhaps blended these imperfections. I tried a pledge oil that is for unfinished wood on one panel, but I literally has to soak the entire thing for the look to be even, leaving it looking greasy at best. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  

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William Stewart Staff answered 8 months ago

Hi Nadia.
I’d be inclined to use Tung Oil for your walls. It’s a drying oil, which is resistant to moisture and won’t darken or stain with age. You can get natural, or darker colored Tung Oil – take a look at this product (https://geni.us/F6EJm) which offers you some different color options.
It has a deep rich look with a nice sheen. Be sure to apply multiple coats until the wood won’t absorb any more. Then wipe off any excess on the surface with a lint-free rag. Be sure to hang the rags outside separately to dry. It will need about a week or so to harden off but the look is worth the wait.