repurposed garage doors priming and painting

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PAMELA RICHARDSON asked 3 years ago

Hello, I found your blog while researching how to best paint repurposed garage doors that we are using as gates.
the wood is fir and they are about 95 years old and were once garage doors that I saved when The garage was taken down. the measure 4’x8′ and have 6 panes of glass at the top. they are thick 1 1/2″. I had they hung and they are out of square and the paint used is peeling. I have a carpenter who will take care of getting them “square”
and I am set to the task of painting them. I have placed a tarp over them and raise and lower it so they dry out and no rain  further soaks the wood.
and I have been scrapping and sanding to remove peeling paint. I had found a product  Zinsser Peel Stop and as soon  I have removed the peeling paint thought to use this product. I was trying to avoid stripping the whole door.  However I would like to do this correctly and then be able to maintain it over the years.What would you suggest?

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William Stewart Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Pamela.
First make sure that you have removed all the peeling pieces of paint and only the firmly attached paint remains. Grind to good smoothness (P220) then clean well and apply the new paint. You can use this paint by KILZ.
It has good adhesion and resistance to external conditions. Apply at least two coats for a thicker and more durable finish. To make sure that the new and old paint will adhere well, you can do a test on a small area and after it dries to check if it is firmly attached.