Red Barn & Carriage house redo

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Robyn Wright-Baker asked 2 years ago

I am revitalizing an old Red Barn and Carriage House that was stained about 40 years ago with Red Oxide, Linseed Oil and another oil base.  Most of the Carriage house is south facing and has very little stain on it.  I would like to know for the other parts with stain do I need to sand the old color completely off? I was told that I would need to clean it with TSP with a light sand.  What do you recommend? also what do you think of Sherwin Williams product super deck solid stain? Or Dulux solid stain? I have also worked with Behr in the past. Out of the 3 what is your best recommendation for a Quebec Canadian climate in a solid stain?

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Robyn,
It is recommended to remove the old coating, especially if it peels.
Old oil-based coatings usually do not bond well with modern water-based coatings. Also, the new coating adheres best when the wood is sanded.
I think it is good to use Behr again; its a good product with long surface life. Besides, you already know the product, and your work with it will be easier.