Recommendation for cedar garden shed interior protection?

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Jen Farmer asked 2 years ago

Howdy Wood Improve! I just put together a beautiful cedar garden shed kit to use as a duck and goose coop and wanting to protect the interior before moving them in. What to do recommend to finish the 100% bare wood interior? Looking for something to hold up to scrubbing, regular cleaning/sweeping, and hosing/rinsing without compromising the cedar! I expect to lose the cedar smell which is a-okay, as bare cedar isn’t good for poultry, so I’ve read. 1/2 of the roof is poly panels (thick greenhouse plastic) for sunlight. Not staining the interior. Ideally, less shine but not a deal breaker! Location: wet, year round humidity in W. WA! Any recommendations are very appreciated! Kindly, Jen

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, Jen.
Cedar is a pretty robust timber that doesn’t need sealing from the elements, as it’s naturally resistant to insects and mold and grays nicely with age.
However, if you’re hosing the coop out regularly, it won’t hurt to prevent water ingress. I’d suggest using a penetrating wood sealer and waterproof.
This Thompsons product has been around a while and gets high ratings from those who have used it:

It’s water-based, so it washes up with soap and water, and it should dry quickly with smells evaporating rapidly.

Good luck.