Raw wood

Doc G asked 1 year ago

We have a two year old wood/screened porch. The wood is treated and has (hopefully) cured by now. It is paint grade but we don’t wish to paint it (a repetitive and unpleasant job!). Someone suggested a solid stain but that is like paint and we’ve experienced using one already – it didn’t turn out as desired.  What would you suggest to protect the wood from the elements and carpenter bees.

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William Stewart Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello, If you are not looking to paint the wood you can apply this stain & sealer by Thompsons to protect your wood from elements. It will provide UV and Mildew protection and prevents water damage.

For carpenter bees you can use this wonderful product by Green Gobler, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it. Citrus oil is a safe, natural repellent that carpenter bees avoid.