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Bill Gorman asked 7 months ago

Hello, I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been doing some outdoor wood projects such as gates and benches. The sun is very harsh here. I have been using oils, but wondering if there is some other product I should consider. Thank you, Bill Gorman

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William Stewart Staff answered 6 months ago

Hello Bill,
I’m a great believer in oils for wood protection. It nourishes the wood and provides good weather protection, and patch repairs are easy. The only drawback in a climate like yours is that you’ll be reapplying it annually.

The other option is to use spar varnish. Spar varnish is very resistant to harsh UV and heat as it’s designed for boats in a harsh marine environment. It is flexible, so it doesn’t crack and peel like standard polyurethanes, and some spar varnishes include oils.

Here’s an example of a product I’d consider using: