Outdoor wood table sealer for finished indoor wood table

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Vince Ciccarello asked 1 year ago

What clear sealer would you recommend for a natural wood indoor table that has been clear coated that will be used for outdoor use in the Florida sun, heat, and rainy season?  Need one that won’t yellow that is in a satin or matte finish.  I’ve looked at all water based products to include:  Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear Statin, Rustoleum Varathane Ultimate Spar Urethane in Satin, TotalBoat Lust product and Seal-Once Marine Premium Wood Sealer.  For the Seal-Once I have not seen a clear only product.
I appreciate your help and advice.

1 Answers
William Stewart Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Vince,

I like either the Minwax or Rustoleum products you mention; there is another Rustoleum product that is very similar, called Diamond Wood Finish. It gets good reviews and can be found here: https://geni.us/eLmM

Otherwise, take a look at this product. https://www.modernmasters.com/landing/homeowners/brands/mcs
It’s called Modern Masters Master Clear Supreme, and users swear by it and claim it’s better than the Varathane products. I have no personal experience, however.

I hope that helps.