Old door refresh

Karen Hall asked 11 months ago

My rental property has a beautiful solid wood door. It is dark wood with iron banding and a small leaded glass insert,sort of a Tudor look with an arched top. The finish has gotten sort of dusty and dull but the door is in fine shape. My plan is to clean up and refresh the surface with 0000 steel wool and kotton kleanser. What should I use as a top,final coat? There is a custom storm over it and it is on the east side of the house. Preferably matte finish or oil as I can’t stand gloss. I want it to feel and look like wood.

1 Answers
William Stewart Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Karen

You could use a water-based polyurethane in a matte finish, as it dries clear and does not tint the wood. It’s not too expensive, and as long as you lightly sand between coats, you’ll get a smooth finish without gloss. Here’s a link to a recommended one by Minwax.

However, if you want to provide maximum protection and cost is not an issue, I’d suggest looking at the Sikkens range of wood coatings. They are well-known in the trade as supplying a top-notch product.