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Len Taylor asked 2 years ago

Hi I am about to go into business making Memorial Oak crosses the oak is American white oak the plan is two coats of Barrettine Universal Wood Preservative and dip the part that goes into the soil for an hour as a base coat then three coats of Sikkens cetol WF 915 stain then a clear top coat or do I use something like thompson’s water seal as a base coat to completely waterproof the part that goes into the ground Im open to suggestions All coats need to be water based as time is a factor
many thanx

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William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, Len.

My biggest concern would be the ground immersion capabilities. Both the Thompson and Barrattine products are good for above ground use, they won’t last the distance for long term ground immersion, in my opinion.

I’d use a product like Rust-Oleums Copper Coat which is water based (here’s an Amazon link for purchase:, and is designed for ground immersion. It dries within an hour or so, and will last for many years. Otherwise, your stain and an clear coating suggestions are fine.