Matt Finish for a Kitchen Bar

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janet brown asked 12 months ago

i am about to purchase an unfinished kitchen bar what is th best treatment for a matt finish please

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William Stewart Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi Janet.
You have three choices: wax, lacquer, or oil.
Personally, I prefer Danish Oil (get on Amazon: as it’s hardwearing and non-allergenic. You can use Tung Oil, but some people can develop allergies to it so I steer clear of it around food.
Wax is not as hardwearing as oil and needs buffing and polishing to keep it looking nice. Lacquer is hardwearing and you can buy it in a matte finish (get on Amazon:

If you go with the oil, apply 2-3 coats on the top and bottom surfaces, 4 coats on the edges, and 6 coats on the end grain (it will absorb a lot). Allow it to dry for about 8 hours between coats.