mahogany carving of a hunting dog

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Neil Jacobs asked 3 months ago

I inherited a hunting dog carved from a piece of mahogany. It has been passed from my great grand father, to my grand father, to my father, and now to me. It is about 120 years old. it is in excellent condition and I want to keep it that way. What type of oil should I use to maintain the wood and keep it in excellent condition? How often should I oil it?

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William Stewart Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Neil.
Your hunting dog sounds very special, not least of all because of the provenance.

I suggest using a natural hardening oil for such an important piece. My preference for mahogany is Tung Oil, as it doesn’t leave a shine on the timber.
With old pieces such as yours, be sure to clean them well. If you have any, you can use a white spirit, but use it sparingly. Use cotton buds to get into any tight area. Once the accumulated hand oils and ingrained dust are removed, use a lint-free cotton cloth to apply the Tung Oil.
You can thin the first coat 50/50 with white spirits and apply a second and third coat allowing each coat to penetrate for 30-odd minutes. 30-minutes after the last coat, wipe off any excess and allow to dry naturally.
Once done, you should reapply one or two coats annually to keep the wood nourished. I like this product (, but there are two or three choices.