Filling cracks on finished slab

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Mike asked 3 years ago

I have a finished wood slab I will use for a counter. It has cracks, not wide, some go all the way through. The cracks were filled but have opened. I want to seal the cracks with something that also will prevent furqq)lther cracks. Since it is finished with a iron acetate stain I want to minimize the amount of sanding. So was thinking of epoxy added with a syringe. Any advice as to what epoxy and my wife hates any chemical smell.

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William Stewart Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Mike,
Yes the resin will do a great job of filling and preventing new cracks.
This resin is completely harmless once it dries and has low levels of VOC (to keep your wife calm :))
It is also available in small quantities so you will not have a large amount of excess resin.