Can Bona Traffic HD be applied over any Polyurethane?

Questions From Our VisitorsCategory: PolyurethanesCan Bona Traffic HD be applied over any Polyurethane?
Brad asked 2 years ago

I applied 4 coats of General Finishes Pro Image polyurethane to my African Mahogany stair treads (not yet installed). After weeks of drying, just a fingernail leaves a permanent groove.

I’ve read that 2-component Bona Traffic HD poly with hardener is the way to go for MAXIMUM scratch resistance. However they only state that it can be applied over “most sealers or stains”.

Would I be OK applying Bona Traffic HD over this poly after sanding it a bit?

1 Answers
William Stewart Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Brad. I believe you’ll be fine. Both are water-based products. Be sure to key it adequately by sanding. As in life, there are no guarantees, but if you’re concerned, do a test piece to be sure. I don’t foresee any problems.