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Travis Jorgensen asked 1 year ago

Good Afternoon,

I am going to purchase a new kitchen table and would like to add an additional layer of either Poly or Varnish to it because all tables that come from the manufacturer only spray one coat on it. However, I would like to go with something that can be applied over the top of the existing material and I would like it to be somewhat heat resistant. My existing table would get white marks from plates and coffee cups etc.…I am not planning on putting hot pans on my new table but would like your recommendations based on my requirements. Could you give me your top 3 for Hardness and heat resistant?

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William Stewart Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Travis,
Polyurethane would be the way to go for your application as it provides protection against knocks, bumps and is heat resistant to a certain degree depending on the manufacturer.
Most of the time ready-made tables are sprayed with lacquer. Polyurethane generally does not bond or grip well with lacquer and will peel off over time, if you want to use polyurethane you will have to do a bit of sanding. Apply a minimum of three coats for best results. Here are my top recommendations for Polyurethane coating:
Ronseal UTVMC250
Minwax 63005444 Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Finish
Alternatively, you can buy Laquer, if you don’t like to sand but you will need a minimum of 4 to 5 coats for the best results. You can use this product by Watco as this will not require sanding between coats.