10 Best Paints For Wood 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

10 Best Paints For Wood 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve never done it before, painting wood seems like an incredibly easy task. Simply pick your favorite option and then brush it on, right? Wrong!

Before applying any paint to a wood project, you’ll likely need to clean the surface, strip and sand it. After that, the priming is recommended. Much of the process described above depends on whether the wood is already primed and painted or raw.

If that seems like too much work, don’t worry. There are many new paints on the market that allow you to skip these steps by including them in one simple process. There are also so many styles and finishes you can choose from, from a matte or glossy finish to a velvety chalkboard style surface! In this article, we’ll explore 10 best paints for wood that are currently on the market.

Best Paints For Wood in February, 2019

#Paint for woodCoverage (quart)Dry time (minutes)Colors 
1Renaissance Chalk Paint
Editor's Choice
up to 100 sq ft2040+ Check Price
2Kilz Porch and Patio Floor
Editor's Choice
50-100 sq ft602 Check Price
3Kilz Exterior 50-125 sq ft120-1802 Check Price
4Giani Nuvo Cabinet 50 sq ft12010 Check Price
5Rust-Oleum Chalkedup to 150 sq ft3030+ Check Price
6Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex up to 120 sq ft3018 Check Price
7Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Sprayup to 12 sq ft (1 can)208 Check Price
8Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Satinup to 120 sq ft302 Check Price
9Prestige Paint and Primer100 sq ft60-1207 Check Price
10Annie Sloanup to 150 sq ft3020+ Check Price

1. Renaissance Chalk Furniture Paint – Best Paint for Interior Wood Furniture

great for interior furnitureIf you are looking to easily refinish wooden furniture, cabinets or old trim but don’t know where to start, Renaissance’s Chalk Finish is a great option for you. There’s absolutely no sanding or priming required; you just simply paint on the color that you like the most.

The recent trend to paint vintage furniture produces beautiful pieces but is quite a bit of work. This acrylic product with a smooth finish will help you achieve the same results without having to hire a professional. The paint has superior coverage with a unique chalky finish that adds to the vintage style. Plus, you only need one to two coats to achieve maximum results.

This option comes in 40+ different colors. However, if you need a very specific color, you can order a can that is custom-tinted to match colors from brands like Benjamin Moore, Valspar and Sherwin Williams. The paint dries in less than 30 minutes, so your repainting project could take less than an hour! Speaking of projects, it can be used on nearly everything, from a distressed vintage desk to a sleek and modern cabinet door.

How you apply Renaissance paint

I personally used the Renaissance chalk paint to give furniture the shabby vintage look. This option has a lot of colors but I choose shades of white because I think they have the greatest visual effect. I apply it with a soft brush since I really find it easy to use and it gives a really lovely smooth finish.

As you will be painting you’ll notice even though the paint’s thin that there aren’t any drips. That’s a really key feature of chalk paints. After top dries, you will be ready to put the next coat on your furniture. It takes about 20 minutes for the paint to dry but it obviously depends on your environment how quickly your surface will dry. The coverage is really good, it’s better if you apply two coats of the Renaissance to get a lovely and smooth look.

Even if your wood furniture is already painted, you can paint your favorite style of Renaissance’s Chalk Finish right over it!

Give your project a vintage look

If you want to get a shabby vintage look you have to slightly distress some of the edges of your painted furniture by using sandpaper. The next step is sanding the surface to make it much more smooth, don’t forget to wipe off all the excess dust at the end of the process. Now if you’re going to use the project outside then I highly recommend you to seal your wood to protect it against the moisture and weather. Check out wood sealers to choose the right one for you. I guarantee you will be really pleased with the final effect.

  • No prep work needed on the wood (no sanding or priming)
  • Self-leveling ensures even coverage
  • Non-toxic formula with no harsh chemicals used and no odor
  • This one is somewhat expensive
  • Interior only

2. Kilz Porch and Patio Floor Paint – Great for Wood Decks and Floors

for wood decks and floorsAnother great product by Kilz, specifically geared at painting wooden porch and patio floors that easily get worn out. If you haven’t painted your porch or patio floor for fear of the incredible amount of maintenance, you’re missing out on the added style and protection that painting the floor can give you. If you have invested the money to make a beautiful outside extension of your home, you need to protect your investment with this product.

Kilz’ Porch and Patio Floor paint protects your wood flooring from scuffs, scratches, fading, cracking or peeling. While it can be applied to any hard surface like cement, metal or masonry, the true beauty of this product is seen when painted on wood.

This latex enamel product is really easy to apply. It dries within one hour (however, wait 4-6 hours to apply a second coat) and is available in the popular slate gray or silver gray colors. One gallon covers between 200-400 square feet and can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on to your porch or patio flooring.

Keep in mind, any painted surface can get slippery when wet. So if it rains, proceed with more caution than normal, and do not use it anywhere a motorized vehicle would be traveling.
  • Specifically created to protect outdoor flooring but can be used for furniture, siding and other projects
  • Can be applied to other surfaces like cement and metal
  • No priming necessary
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Lengthy application process takes 4-6 hours to apply two coats

3. Kilz Exterior Siding, Fence & Barn Paint – Top Exterior Product For Fence and Siding

exterior paint for fence and sidingIf you’re looking for an exterior paint that will protect your outdoor wood project from the elements for a long time, then Kilz Exterior Siding, Fence & Barn paint is the right choice for you! Kilz brand has been a top producer of paints and primers for 40 years. They know what they’re doing, and they do it right!

This product is specifically formulated to protect against wear and tear, mold and mildew, rust and more. It resists cracking, drying, peeling and blisters caused by the sun on your outdoor painted wood. It is self-priming, which means you just have to clean and sand down the wood before you apply this product.

The water and oil-based formula sticks well to almost anything and lasts for long. You won’t have to reapply year after year, even in the toughest of conditions. Use this on stucco, cement, wood, metal or whatever surface you have outside that needs some protection.

The product’s application does take more time than other paints, however. Expect it to dry in about 2-3 hours’ time. Do not apply a second coat until 6-8 hours have passed for optimal results. While it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on, you also need to be careful in your application, always doing a back-brush or back-roll when applying.
  • Extremely long lasting once applied
  • Protects surfaces from wear and tear in all weather conditions
  • Self-priming formula
  • Long application process
  • Back-brush or back-roll application can lead to uneven coverage

4. Giani Nuvo Cabinet Paint – Great For Wood Cabinets

paint for wood cabinetsThis trendy, high-performance paint was created specifically with one goal in mind: to provide you with the best coverage for your cabinets. Nuvo Cabinet paint is a water-based acrylic option that is safe, VOC free and low odor. One can covers a huge amount of cabinetry; nearly 50 square feet or 20 linear feet of cabinetry!

It comes in 10 of the hottest colors for cabinets. I do advise that you test it out before coloring every cabinet. The company warns that some colors, like their coconut espresso (billed as a creamy beige) can appear darker or lighter depending on the lighting that you use in your home. It dries with a lovely, soft satin finish that is perfect for use on high-traffic areas, like your cabinets or baseboards or trim.

Unlike some of the other product on our list that require no prep work before application, you’ll want to make sure that you do prepare the wood on your project or cabinets before you paint the Nuvo Cabinet on. The company says you don’t have to completely remove any finish that remains on your old cabinets. Instead, you should make sure that the cabinets are de-glossed or sanded down before applying this product.

Pay special attention to the areas around door handles or cabinets that are near your stove. They can collect extra grease and should be sanded down until that grease is gone. If the cabinets that you are repainting have a high gloss finish, use a liquid de-glosser first, then sand it down.

  • Specifically formulated for cabinets
  • One can covers a large amount of cabinetry
  • Good for use in high-traffic areas
  • Must sand down wood before application
  • Might need to use a de-glosser on high gloss finished items

5. Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra-Matte Interior Paint – Another Great Product For Wood Furniture

good option wood furnitureRust-Oleum has a reputation for creating durable paints that are high quality and their Matte Interior Chalked is no exception. This option has a velvet-like, smooth matte finish that will transform your old interior wood furniture into new treasured pieces. The great part is, this option works extremely well on a number of interior surfaces, not just wood. You can use it on glass, ceramic, metal and canvas.

The paint offers a great opportunity for you to customize your project. After painting it on, you can distress the surface to give your furniture or project a distressed look. You can also put on another layer in a different color to create a multi-dimensional, totally unique look.

Minimal prep is needed to get your piece ready to be painted. You’ll be pleased with how well this covers the surface of your project. It’s also available in spray cans if you’d prefer to use them.

Color your wood furniture

I have an experience of using Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint to brighten up my dark grey dresser. The first coat was just very thin so that it appeared, but after the second coat it was looking amazing. After that I needed to sand a little bit in a few areas right along the edge where the paint got a bit too thick since I didn’t spread it out enough but that’s was my fault.

This paint’s serenity blue color really brightened up the dresser and made it look so much bigger than it looked before with the dark grey color. It was a quick and easy project so overall I was happy with how this project turned out and with my first experience of this Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint.

It’s easy to apply

This option is incredibly easy to use. In fact, Rust-Oleum boasts that you can finish most projects in just one coat! It also dries very fast, so instead of your project taking days, it takes just hours. You don’t need to sand down your project before painting but should if there are loose chunks of paint. If you’re painting raw wood, it will work better if you apply primer first, though it is not required. If you do use primer, make sure you wait at least two hours or until the primer is fully dried before applying the Rust-Oleum.

It’s very easy to use, just start painting. You will still see through the first coat if your wood was painted dark before but the second coat will go on perfect. There will be no need for the 3rd one. I love the matte finish and so overall I have only great things to say about this option, it’s really a great product. You know it’s some super simple to do but it really changed the entire atmosphere of my bedroom and as I said it made it seem so much bigger.

Definitely, I can say that I was super happy with this product and I would recommend it to anybody I know who wants to color their wooden project and get great results.

  • Only one coat needed for most projects
  • Multiple layers create a unique look and color
  • Available in more than 10 trendy and modern colors
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Some sanding and priming required, depending on your project
  • Interior only

6. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover Latex Paint – Great Outdoor and Indoor Option

great outdoor and indoor paintRust-Oleum’s Painter’s Touch latex-based paint is extremely versatile, with many possible uses both indoor and outdoor. If you’re in the midst of a massive renovation or just working on multiple projects both in and outside of your home, Rust-Oleum makes painting much easier by offering a product that works in both locations. Plus, the beautiful glossy finish can be used on much more than just wood. You can use it on glass, metal, ceramic, plaster and canvas (so long as they are not walking surfaces).

Painter’s Touch is made with “double cover” technology. This means you’ll deal with less wear and tear and chipping of the paint. It provides a fresh, clean look to worn-out surfaces and most projects are completed in one to two coats. It’s also a low-odor, safe product that’s easily cleaned up with soap and water should any messes occur during its application.

Before using this product on your indoor or outdoor wood project, you’ll want to make sure you sand the item down with a 180-200 grit piece of sandpaper to ensure the best application.

If you’re applying it to another hard surface, like metal, it does not need to be sanded down. Additionally, this formula is incredibly fast-drying. You can apply one coat and come back and repaint another in just 30 minutes!

  • Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Quick drying
  • Easy application, easy clean-up of spills during the application process
  • Lasts longer than most other products
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Sanding required before application on wood surfaces
  • Cannot be used on walking surfaces

7. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Spray – Top Spray Paint for Outdoor and Indoor Wood Furniture

spray for outdoor and indoor furnitureRust-Oleum has a number of paints on this list, and it is for good reason. They put out such a high-quality product, and it’s not just limited to traditional paint. This Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover spray is a fantastic choice if you need quick, even application of color on items that would be difficult to evenly cover with paint due to their size or intricacies. It can be used on nearly all indoor and outdoor pieces, adhering to everything from wood, to metal, ceramic and even plastic!

The oil-based formula sprays on evenly and dries very quickly, within 20 minutes or less. This enables you to quickly see the level of coverage from one coat and finish your project quickly, anticipating how many more coats you will need within just minutes. Unlike other sprays, it is low odor and has a beautiful satin finish that will create a look similar to that of what a professional painter would create.

This product is both a paint and primer, so you do not need to apply anything to the wood prior to spraying on the Ultra Cover. However, it is in your best interest to sand down any wood project that you are applying it to for better adhesion.

This product is also popular amongst car enthusiasts as the clear coat can repair headlights that have turned cloudy with age. If you are using the paint for that, you should also sand down the headlights somewhat before application.

  • Can safely be used on a variety of surfaces
  • Quick drying
  • Interior and exterior
  • The application can be uneven if a can is not prepped (shaken) before use

8. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Satin – Ideal Satin Wood Paint

deal satin wood paintThis multi-purpose latex paint has a ton of benefits, besides the trusted Rust-Oleum name behind it! It’s great for all of your interior and exterior painting needs. It offers a beautiful satin finish that does not chip easily and works well in high traffic areas. The paint can be used on a wide variety of surfaces besides wood, like metal, ceramics or earthenware, plaster and cement. Unlike a lot of paints, the Painter’s Touch Satin is low-odor. It’s really easy to use and very easy to clean up. You just have to wipe it down with soap and wet washrag before it dries.

This one not only goes on thoroughly and evenly, but because it is a satin finish it also hides any imperfections; you need not worry about being an expert when using this product! Prior to using this paint, you should sand down your wood project with a 180-200 grit piece of sandpaper and then apply a degreaser. After that, wait about 2 hours (or more) for the wood to be dry and then apply this paint. While it does take a bit more time and effort than other paints, the final result will stun you!

One thing to note about this product is what a fantastic value it is. It costs less than half of some other varieties and one can covers more than 120 square feet! You’ll also end up getting your project done in less time, as it takes just about 30 minutes for one coat to fully dry, and you’ll likely only need one to two coats.
  • Great value for the cost
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Must sand, prime and de-gloss before applying this product to a piece of wood

9. Prestige Paint and Primer in One – Nice Both Paint and Primer for Wood

option-with-primerThis ultra-premium paint from Prestige Paints makes your wood project much easier to complete by combining a paint and primer in one product. Prestige also offers a match to some Sherwin-Williams paints making it easy for you to touch-up old projects and give them new life! Application of this option is extremely easy. The formula’s smooth finish provides even coverage and hides blemishes or mistakes made by the most novice of painters. It also does a fantastic job on wood, cement, stone works, masonry, metal and even vinyl siding!

The paint will look great when applied with a high-quality brush, and usually, at least two to three coats are needed to achieve the best look. It usually takes about 2-3 hours for one coat to dry, so this product might take longer to use than others.

For best use, any glossy areas must be sanded down and though it this product appears to have primer and paint all wrapped in one can, you do need to apply an initial primer if the wood you’re using on your project is raw.

Each color is intended for interior or exterior use only. Read carefully before purchase.

  • Easy application
  • Matches some Sherwin-William paints
  • High-quality coverage masks blemishes
  • Need to sand and prime most projects before application

10. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – The Paint That Gives You an Artist’s Touch

artists touchIf you haven’t heard of her before, Annie Sloan is legendary in the art world, specifically because she has been so influential in leading the movement to repaint and renovate wood furniture instead of discarding it. While Chalk Paint is now a somewhat universal term used by brands of all kinds to distinguish a type of paint with a smooth, thick finish that is easily applied and easily “distressed,” Annie Sloan actually invented the original Chalk Paint in the 1990’s!

Each color is chosen by experts to reflect current trends, from bold hues to muted, soft pastels. The velvety, matte finish adds new life to your project, whether that’s a wooden dresser, a dining room set, cabinets, floors, walls and more. Like some other paints on this list, Annie Sloan product works well with wood, metal, concrete, plastic, ceramic, glass and more! It’s water-based and non-toxic, so it can even be applied to your dog’s house or baby’s crib.

It is incredibly easy to use-no sanding or priming required with this paint. While Sloan recommends you apply it with one of her signature brushes. The quality is so high, it is evenly applied with even the most inexpensive of synthetic brushes.

The paint is extremely versatile; add water to dilute it and create a stain or use a speckled brush to achieve a look on your walls with more texture. The possibilities are endless with this high-quality product!
  • Can be used on almost any surface imaginable
  • No sanding or priming required
  • 20+ colors offered (a wide variety!)
  • So popular it is often unavailable online
  • Interior only

Best Paints for Wood- Buyer’s Guide

best paints for wood buyers guideAs seen in many of the options above, to achieve the best look, there is a process that must come before painting any wood. Though some products include a primer, most advise that you sand and finish wood before it is painted. Why? Let’s walk through the process.

Wash the Wood

Hair, dust mildew and other particles can get mixed up in your paint. This will cause visible blemishes, bumps and imperfections. Washing down the wood with mild soap and water or tri-sodium phosphate (found at your local hardware store) will save you from future headaches.

Sand the Wood

Even if the wood came from a hardware store, sand it down with a 180-200 grit sandpaper and then wipe off the dust with a cloth. Sanding the wood gives the paint something to attach itself to.

Prime the Wood

Primer chemically bonds to problematic areas of the wood and gives the paint an even surface to rest on, so that the end result is more uniform. I’ve put together great primers for wood so that you can pick up exactly what you need. After applying primer, lightly sand the wood one more time and wipe it down. Now, you are ready to start painting.

Seal the Wood

Remember if you’re painting wood which is going outside make sure the paint has a built-in sealer or add a sealer once the paint is dry.

While many paints say that they include a primer, be wary about skipping all of the steps above before applying, even if it is high quality. While washing, sanding and priming the wood can be time-consuming, each step gets you closer toward your goal of having a project that is painted in the most professional manner and ensures the longevity. Ultimately, decide what kind of paint to purchase based on what you are painting, where it will live (indoor or outdoor), how much time to have to complete the project and what color and finish you want the project to have. The great projects are those that keep their beauty with minimum maintenance.

2 thoughts on “10 Best Paints For Wood 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide”

  1. Hi, William,

    I’ve got an old unfinished wooden dresser in my bedroom which I and my wife want to be painted grey. This is my first time painting anything so I’m really afraid of spoiling the furniture. I’m looking for paint which is designed for interior wooden furniture and is quite easy to apply (even by a newbie like me). Having read your article I got that Renaissance Paint and Rust-Oleum Chalked Interior are the best options but for me, those are pretty much the same. Both have many colors, easy to apply, minimal preparations and both are intended for interior use. I’m really confused. Which one would be a better option? Also, it would be wonderful if you briefly tell me steps I have to follow to paint my dresser properly. Sorry, just do not want to totally screw up the dresser. Thanks.

    • Hi Sam. It’s okay, I understand your concern. Actually, these two options are pretty similar, both products got high quality. Choose any, you will love the results. Do not overthink it, just pick up Renaissance.

      Painting furniture is not as complicated as you think. Though Renaissance requires no preparations I suggest you do some easy extra steps to get the best results possible. First, sand your dresser to get rid of inconsistencies on the surface. Then apply a good primer: it covers wood knots (if there are), increases adhesion of the paint and keep wood agents from penetrating into the paint (which may change the color of the paint). I’ve got an article about primers, you could choose top 2 option, it’s great for furniture https://woodimprove.com/best-wood-primers/
      Then sand the primed dresser after it dries. Now you can start painting, two coats will be enough. Sand again after the first coat of the paint dries. Finally, apply the second coat. Believe me, it’s much easier than it seems to be, just take the first step.

      Hope this helps.

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